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Silicone wristbands

Promotional silicone wristbands – very practical and longterm promotional gift. The promotional silicone wristband can be printed, embossed or embroidered. If you are interested, we may make a multicoloured wristbands especially for you. Also you can combine sizes of the wristbands.

Promotional silicone wristband suitable for both kids and adults. We are able to make smaller size for kids.

Wristbands can be also used to distinguish teams, as a permit for entry or similar use.

price per piece 1 barva tisk
100 pcs 14,2 CZK
300 pcs 7,3 CZK
500 pcs 5,5 CZK

1 colour of wristband and adult size for the entire sample quantity.

Standart delivery time is 10-15 work days, since the graphic approval.

More information about wristbands can be found here.

Informative video about the wristbands is here.